Cheap Translation can be Costly

Translation services used by businesses are more commonplace now than they have ever been. This doesn’t mean their quality is better.  Errors are made by translators and if not corrected can do damage to the image of the company that the translation was completed. This really boils down to the fact that you should not undermine the impact of a translation and you should ensure you hire a NAATI translator and a proofreader too so that your reputation of being a quality company with quality products is upheld. A small mistake made by a cheap translator can lead to all sorts of negative side effects which could even lead to legal action being taken.

Many companies these days have a multi-lingual workforce by default, not by design and sometimes they add translation duties to a job description even though the person may not be qualified to undertake translation work. This is where a cheap translation may prove costly and should be avoided at all costs by a business that is serious about promoting its image and products to the world and should be seeking out certified translation services.

The fact of the matter is that if someone believes they have the ability to speak several languages this does not mean the person is qualified to translate in a professional, precise manner.  Translation requires talent and professionals translators constantly aim for perfection. Translating words one by one does not usually result in a satisfactory translation as a good translation requires taking into account the linguistic and cultural conventions of the language, culture, and country in question.

A costly but interesting translation blunder was when an HSBC bank tagline was “Assume Nothing” which was mistakenly translated into a number of languages as “Do Nothing!” To repair the costly damage done, the bank had to pay out $10 million in a new campaign that advertised the company in a good light.

A second historically more important mistranslated incident was when the patron saint for translators St. Jerome translated the Old Testament from Hebrew to Latin. He misread the word “karan” as “keren.” This may seemingly be a small mistake and no doubt appeared to be to St. Jerome, but Moses ended up having “horns” over his head instead of the “radiance” he was supposed to have had. This sad mistake ended up with sculptures and even paintings of Moses depicting him with horns, which certainly did not portray him in a favorable light.

In France, the toothpaste company, Colgate, made an attempt to market a new brand of toothpaste which was named Cue. They had done so little research into this word that once out on the market the name was linked to a French porn magazine that also carried that name.

These examples and thousands of others stress the importance of paying for a professional translation service that knows the language to be translated so well that costly mistakes will never be made.

An Example of Creative Translation

Often, translators do not just translate everyday text from one language into another, but they have to engage in being particularly creative. Some translators call this transcreation or creative translation. It is mostly used when there is a word in one language that has no real equivalent in another. What does the NAATI accredited translator do when this sort of situation arises in a piece of text they are required to translate?

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Russian Born Migrant Teacher Now Speaks With an Australian Accent

Australia has a strong export education sector that sees tens of thousands of students from many other countries come to Australian schools, colleges and universities in search of an education. Quite a number of these students decide that life is better in Australia after graduating and apply for jobs here or permanent residence. By the time their residence visas are granted they will have become experts in navigating their way through the Australian migration system, not least of which is the requirement to furnish accurate translations of all their important documentation in English.

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10 Expected Errors in Visa Document Translation

Are you applying for a student visa, residence visa or any other visa for Australia? If you haven’t already done so yet, you should download the correct application form and the instructions that go with it and study the instructions carefully. Many applications are turned down because of misunderstandings about what to include on the form.

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Do you need to apply for an Australian visa?

Do you need to apply for an Australian visa? Do you fully understand what it is that you have to do? Be careful, because small misinterpretations of the questions on the visa application form can result in a refusal to grant you a visa. At the very least, simple errors in translation can mean a delay in the release of a visa. As many visas need to be sent to an Australian consulate or representative by mail or by courier, a requirement to fill a visa application out again can take a lot of time.

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Applications for Australian visas all require some sort of supporting documentation

Applications for Australian visas all require some sort of supporting documentation. The only exception is the three month tourist visa which is submitted online. One of the most difficult aspects of applying for an Australian visa of any kind is understanding exactly what you have to do. More often than not, a slight error, a signature missed or document not included can delay an application or even end in a refusal to grant one.

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Hiring the Right Language Translation Services Expert for Business

Expanding the business is the need of the hour and many entrepreneurs feel that they need to look out for bigger markets that can help them to expand their products and services to new countries around the world. The concept of globalization has actually helped many local businesses to go global. However, when you are expanding your business to new region you need to look out for the language problems that can cause you problems. Many companies prefer to look out for NAATI translation services that can allow them to boost their business in the right way despite language problems.

Corporate and business firms need to stay focus on the business plans that they have and therefore they need someone that can handle the language problems as well. Language translation services can offer the right support that you need to ensure that language is not a hurdle for your business and that you can continue expanding your business in the right direction as planned. However, before you get ahead with your business plans in region where people speak different language you need to search for translators that can offer NAATI translation service.

Many businesses that look out for expansion plans often have lot of document translation and therefore they need translators that can help them with translating business related papers and documents. If you need translators for documents you will need to look out for NAATI translation service that can provide you with the best certified translator that can work on your business documents to offer you better service. It is always recommended that you look out for NAATI certified translators that can handle your work in the right way as they have the expertise and experience to translate such documents.

Although, there are many language translation services available in the need to look out for firm that can provide you with services that you need for your business. It is better to do some research on the translation company that you want to hire because you want someone that has the experience and market reputation as well. Since you need language translation for your need to pick translation companies that offer of translation related services. This will help you to stick to one company in the future for all your translation needs.

Budget is the most important thing that you need to keep in mind when you are looking for language translation services. Hence, you can search for various NAATI translation service companies online and get quotes from them. This way you can be sure that you are hiring the right people that can offer you translation service at a price that fits your business budget. If you are hiring NAATI certified translator for your business you need to be clear on the translation fee that you need to pay. There are many translators that charge as per some charge as per documents that need to be translated so it is always advisable to clear the payment related queries before you actually hire someone to offer language translation services for your business.