A Product Document Translation Service Will Help Grow your Product Globally

Almost all companies wish to grow and take up global opportunities, but there are challenges when this is undertaken. To ensure maximum gain is achieved through marketing globally the business has to cross the language barrier first. Many businesses believe that using English is good enough, as they think that the majority of the world’s population can understand basic English which is sufficient for the aims of marketing a new product.

The fact of the matter is that very few of the world’s population have even a basic grasp of the language. This means if globalizing a product is taken seriously its product description and marketing materials have to be translated into the languages of the countries where the product is most likely to attract buyers.

What does translating into another language do?

  • It breaks down language barriers
  • It connects potential buyers with the product.

What documents need translating?

If you are marketing your product in Australia and it has been produced in China you will need to get a NAATI translation of any official documents that may accompany your marketing campaign. If you are sending marketing personnel to Australia their passports and proof of their status as marketers will have to be translated into English and only a NAATI translation is accepted by immigration and other Australian authorities. This translation has to be completed by certified translation services which have a proven record for offering document translation services. Once the translation has been completed it is then presented to the relevant Australian authority.

When marketing a product in a different language, documents describing how to use the product will need accurate translations, as any misunderstandings could result in the product being misused. In some cases, this could even endanger the life of the user. Precautions for the use of the product need to be carefully translated as do any documents related to guarantee period and conditions. If all these translations are done correctly then more potential buyers are drawn to the product as it will have built up a reputation for accuracy and reliability.

Translations for Mobile Applications

Applications or apps, as they are more commonly referred to, are hitting the computer users market in their millions. They range from interactive navigation and mapping solutions to simple downloading of videos, music and games. There are also easy to use weather apps that find the weather for your place in seconds. If you have produced an app yourself you won’t want to limit it just to your neighbours but you will want it to reach all corners of the globe.

Mobile app sellers are global but to reach out to this global market you need to get your app translated into the languages of potential buyers. The next individual who comes across your app and thinks it’s just great could be situated in just about any part of the world. To ensure you take advantage of this potential market whether it’s an iOS app or an Android app an accurate translation of its use is essential.

In some countries, such as Australia, the best translation is that completed by a NAATI translation since to become a NAATI translator the person has had their competence as a translator approved. They specialise in all sorts of document translation services such as any documents associated with an app that the creator wants to market to the global market. Because a NAATI translator has received official accreditation they provide certified translation services which you can depend upon for accuracy.

Why does localizing your app to a global market matter?

Figures indicate that mobile subscriptions top 6 billion worldwide with more than 50 percent being based in the Asia Pacific region. The languages that cover these mobile subscribers include Chinese, a variety of Indian languages, English, Indonesian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Vietnamese, German, Tagalog and Bengali. Research has revealed that if you translate your mobile app into other languages then the downloading of your app rises significantly. In fact some app companies found that their sales increased by more than 25% once they had translated their app to suit the language of the country targeted.

Internationalization and localization

There are two different processes involved when preparing your app for the global market. The first one is internationalisation, when you ensure your software suits your targeted country’s language and culture. The other is localisation, when you have to find specific resources that have to be added to your software so that it supports your targeted country, both in terms of language and culture.

I’m from Overseas and Have an Overseas License – How do I get a Driver’s License in Australia?

There is no one driver’s license that covers you for all the different states and territories in Australia. Once you have been living in a specific state for more than 3 months you will need to obtain the license for that state if you wish to drive legally. If you have moved from overseas and you hold a license to drive in your own country you may use this legally for the first 3 months of your stay. However, it is advisable to get professional translation services to translate the details of your driving license into English. Document translation services can provide a NAATI translation which will put you in a favourable situation if asked by an official to show your driver’s license.

Once the three months has passed you might be required to take a practical driving test before being issued with your new license. If you possess a New Zealand driver’s license or you have been in possession of an Australian driver’s license in the past the requirement to sit a practical test may be waived. Licenses held by those from the European Union, the USA, Canada and Japan may also be exempt from this requirement.

If you are coming to reside in Australia from any other country you may be required to sit a driving test, both theory and practical. As long as you have held a driver’s license from your own country for at least 3 years you should not be subject to a probationary period once you have passed the driving test. As you are permitted to drive in Australia for 3 months using your own country’s license you should wait until the 3 months is close to expiry before sitting the state’s driving test as if you happen to sit the test and fail before the 3 month period has come to an end you will not be able to drive using your overseas license but you will have to wait until you have passed the driving test.

If you are living in New South Wales the theory driving test is taken on a computer at all RTA offices. If you fail you can have as many goes as it takes to pass. The downside to this is that you have to hand over 30 dollars for each attempt! If you fail the practical test you take on learner driver’s status until you pass. This means you will need to be accompanied by a license holder every time you drive and you will have to stick to a speed limit of 80 kph.

Document Translation Services for Newly Diverse Communities

Many refugees from a number of diverse communities have in recent years been able to gain permanent residence in countries like Australia and the U.S. Most of these migrant refugees do not speak English as a first language. In fact they may not speak any English at all. However, luckily for them, perhaps, when someone is accepted as a refugee it’s not their language that is taken into consideration, but their political and economic status from the country they originate from. This can be quite a challenge for document translation services when they are asked to translate official documents like birth and marriage certificates into English or German whatever the country happens to be. For many refugees, this can be a long and protracted affair as they may have had to flee their original homeland without much documentation at all.

The U.S. is an example of a country that has always welcomed people from other countries whether as a refugee or for business or work related reasons. However, in recent years, the diversity of languages of the people accepted into the country has changed dramatically. Cities like Amarillo have for decades worked well with the use of English and Spanish, especially in important institutions like the courthouse. The city hasn’t sat on the fence over the matter but now has documents translated into Burmese, Arabic and Vietnamese to ease any problems with communication. This means they must have used certified translation services that have translators proficient in both English and the other languages. The level of translation required is no doubt at least as good as a NAATI translation service in Australia where refugees are being invited to live in the country from similar countries as America.

In recent years, Texas has had refugee resettlement clearly on its agenda as it has become one of the most popular states for refugees specializing in people from Myanmar, sub Saharan Africa and Iraq. 7,200 in the past year who have come from an astonishing 24 countries have now settled down in Texas. Houston took 2,000 and large numbers also ended up in Fort Worth, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin. Amarillo in the last 4 years has accepted almost 500 refugees. Such a large number and from so many different language groups provides quite a challenge for professional translation services as they have to be able to find translators fluent and proficient in a whole new set of languages from a range of newly diverse communities.

Use a NAATI Translator if you Want Hassle Free Translation

If you need any of your documents translated or marketing material translated so that it can be used by customers, clients or anyone whose natural language is not English, it makes sense that you use the best translation service you can get. In Australia, that means using an accredited NAATI translation service. There are several reasons why a NAATI translator is better than any other.

The acronym NAATI stands for the National Accreditation Authority of Translators and Interpreters. Basically, it is the body that sets national standards for translators and interpreters. Most translation agencies in Australia that are worth using will in fact have translators that are NAATI accredited.

NAATI is a limited company that is jointly owned by State, Territory and Commonwealth governments. It has a board of directors who are appointed by the owners. The authority’s main job is to provide a credentials service for translators and interpreters who intend providing translation services in Australia. NAATI was initiated to assist Australia’s cosmopolitan population as there are so many different languages present in the country.

When it comes to migration or employment requirements those involved need to present translations of any documents not in English to the relevant government agency and potential employer. This has to be done by a NAATI translator so that they can be assured that the translation is accurate.

NAATI translators not only offer translations for potential migrants but also for businesses conducting trade overseas where contracts and tenders need to be translated when supplying or purchasing a product. Any legal documents and technical documents can be successfully translated by an accredited NAATI translator in a variety of different languages whether it’s into English or another language.

A NAATI translator doesn’t necessarily mean a cheap translator but it does mean an accurate translation. It is always important to choose the most suitable translator to perform a translation as a poor translator may make errors you are unaware of but the receiver of your document may see the flaws and judge you on those alone. NAATI translators don’t get their approval for nothing and provide translations that will get the business you need from overseas by their ability to undertake accurate translations.

What is the Role of Translation Companies in the Global Economy?

In today’s globalized world, the industrial sector and all types of companies, whatever size they are, don’t standstill. They act to ensure they get their share of the cake when economic conditions change. This means at times marketing their products to customers in other areas of the world who don’t speak their language. This can be absolutely essential and is often the key to the growth of a company.

This is a very challenging situation as it’s not just the question of engaging interested buyers by employing NAATI translators to translate advertising material into a multitude of languages but also ensuring that document translation services are used so that all documents relevant to the product are correctly translated. If a product has to be used in a certain way so that it is of no danger to the purchaser, the instructions have to be written clearly in the language of this buyer.

Companies can’t afford to make mistakes by getting poor translations for their user manuals. Injuries caused by misuse of a product are widespread across the world and a company has a duty of care to ensure buyers clearly understand how to safely use the product. In some cases of injuries if the instructions of how to use the product were poorly translated into a country’s language but buyers misinterpreted the instructions then the company could be sued and it will not only lose its reputation and its customers it may well also have to pay compensations to those injured.

It’s not always the case of providing simple instructions but it is necessary to place a certain emphasis on certain aspects of the product, depending on the type of customer and their level of literacy in their own language. Many handbooks today, for example for cars, have sections in their handbooks that are dedicated to some of the main languages in use globally. These have to be faultless translations so that no misunderstandings take place. There are growing economies today, such as China and India, whose residents may still not be able to find handbooks for products in their own languages. This is where a business can get one step ahead by employing professional translation services to translate the handbook and any other advertising material into languages that have a large number of speakers and who could be potential buyers of the product. A NAATI translation provides a real voice for companies who wish to market their products in the global economy.

3 Reasons Why You Need Multilingual Translation Services v/s In-house Translators

Businesses are constantly needing translation services, but what type should they use? Basically, this comes down to a choice of a freelance professional multilingual translation service or an in-house translator. There are advantages and disadvantages of each, but the balance favors the use of a freelance NAATI translation service. Here are three good reasons why you should make this choice rather than use an in-house translator.

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You Can’t Fool Your Audience!

Most of us can tell when something has been written by a non-native speaker unless they are truly bilingual. The same goes for an unprofessional translation and especially if the translation has been done by a machine. The latter may be expected, but it is amazing how much-translated text is still done with glaring errors in it.

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Translation Typos and Other Bothersome Little Annoyances

Typos seem to be an inevitable accompaniment to typing. In the days when translators used the pen, rather than a typewriter or computer, mistakes in spelling and grammar were probably less common, but the translated text still would have needed proofreading, as there would have been inevitable mistakes in the way the text sounded which would have been hard to correct as the translation was actually being written out.

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There’s no Safe Alternative to Having Professional Medical Translation Services

When translation is needed, it should always be done by certified translation services. It is important enough when it comes to legal translation or when documents have to be translated for migration purposes, but medical translation is in a league of its own. Get the translation wrong and someone could die. It’s as simple as that.

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